Our Kalara 'reveal: make seen' working methodology brings all data back to community, always.

2016: Magali McDuffie - 'Kalara' Ethical Community Engagement Framework

2016: Magali McDuffie - 'Kalara' Ethical Community Engagement Framework




We recommend you access and read the following three key resources which have helped us form and guide our emancipatory filmamking process:

  1. Julie Perini - Relational Filmmaking: A Manifesto - Available as HTML | PDF | ODT

  2. Goolarabooloo Community - Paddy Roe's Story - Goolarabooloo - HTML |

  3. Miriam-Rose Ungunmerr - Dadirri: Inner Deep Listening and Quiet Still Awareness - | HTML



We are co-creators, working with others as; 

  • Partial documentary filmmakers, meaning we choose to work with people who are often NOT afforded mainstream media representation or who are marginalised even from their own communities;

  • 'Actionists' or people of action, not activists despite what others may label us,;

  • Principle sponsors of our own project outputs as our project funding is often pro bono (work undertaken with no charge), low or no budget from ethical philanthropic sources;

  • Responsible data managers as we ensure our work is mostly distributed under a CC-BY 4.0 International Unported licence


Our working methodology reinforces our assertion that civil and political rights are fundamental to democracy in the form of;

  • Civil Society must not suppress nor negate personal identity;

  • Investigative Journalism is a core counteract to abuse of power and corruption

  • Rule of Law is only of any value if it acts from a base of ethics, not moral servitude.


As an Australian based media production agency and service our working methodology and principles are informed by ‘The Principles’, a Charter for a Free Press in Australia which details;

1.0 Freedom of the press means the right of the people to be informed by the press on matters of public interest so that they may exercise their rights and duties as citizens;

4.0  It is in the public interest for the press to make available to the people a wide diversity of views and opinions.