He didn't see me as he whizzed past on his Segway vehicle.

Nor did he see the Butcher birds or the flock of pink under-wing Cockatoos, nor the electric green Rozella's. His ears not tuned to anything nor did he hear the flocks of finches flitting from tree to tree, nor smell the amazing blossoms off the local wax Myrtle trees, nor see the bearded dragon lizard run from grass clump to another.

The fact is this non-seeing, non-thinking being intent on ticking off another tour guide things-to-do-while-in-Uuru checklist failed to even know that Uluru is NOT Ayers Rock, that this sacred place is Law for the Pitjantjatjara Anangu people of this area. This country on which they visit is not owned by KonTiki tours nor is the rock a virtual reality and the National Park that they pay to visit through is a construct in its own western making.

Even the Wikipedia entry [ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Uluru ] causes me revulsion with it's anthropological crap of 'myths' and 'legends', rather than beliefs and traditions. 

"...On 26 October 1985, the Australian government returned ownership of Uluru to the local Pitjantjatjara Aborigines, with one of the conditions being that the Aṉangu would lease it back to the National Parks and Wildlife agency for 99 years and that it would be jointly managed. An agreement originally made between the community and Prime Minister Bob Hawke that the climb to the top by tourists would be stopped was later broken."

Who care what politician said what? These people of the land, this country are being screwed over by this rampant destruction. If the people of an area say NOT to climb over a specific form then that should be respected.

How sad it is that we as an Australian nation disrespect this Law, that the National Parks continue to endorse fat lycra clad imbeciles climbing over this magnificent form. With only warnings about climbing the rock the right thing to do would be to outright ban climbing, segways, bus tours and even have a mass ceremonial burning of the resort supermarket, gift shops, three story accomodation block.


The following photos were taken by Liam Wille today near Uluru. You can see more of his exceptional photography at https://500px.com/liam_wille