A unique and outstanding highlight of our trip across country was definitely passing through the Judbarra National Park in the Northern Territory and snaking our way down the way valleys alongside Victoria Creek.

You can read about this area here - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Judbarra_/_Gregory_National_Park

"...The park includes traditional lands of several Indigenous Australian groups, including Ngarinyman, Karrangpurru, Malngin, Wardaman, Ngaliwurru, Nungali, Bilinara, Gurindji and Jaminjung, and spans the boundary between two major Australian language families, Pama Nyungan and Non-Pama-Nyungan (Northern)."

It is a vast valley that keeps going through amazing country all the way through to Timber Creek. As we passed through some of the steepest sections of the pass we decided to go for a short walk up a mountain side and from that vantage we could see around through and back to the main pass start many kilometres away. The significance of the walk was the impact we felt when we discovered a stone flinting quarry under a cave side probably tens of thousands of years in occupation.

We left it intact, we spoke out that we came in peace and with respect and we did as least we could to disturb anything in that vicinity.

The palm trees grow alongside the cliff edge and the vista is nothing short of spectacular. It was a privilege to be able to have a short swim in the Victoria River and then to be able to appreciate the sheer beauty of the area with tourists in their RV vans zooming past "making good time" as they careen from one caravan park bar to another.

The previous days conversations still fresh in my mind, the Northern Territory truly is a territory and not a state, a place of Law and a place where all Australian's need to connect with, not simply visit.

The following photos were taken by Liam on that day in the Judbarra. You can view more of Liam's photos at https://500px.com/liam_wille