Life has always been for me a series of incredible experiences (ever since I was a little boy) which seem possible only when I manifest that greatness before me. As Nyikina Traditional Custodian and Elder, Paddy Roe attests, we dream our life before us, we walk in our dreaming so it makes sense that when we switch to a position of empathy and fairness that we must be growing along with that change.

No longer are our dreams simply inconvenient defrags of an overfull brain hard-drive. They are part of who we are and are full of sense, not no sense. Our days are spent in that dreaming too and we walk in that dreaming, not apart from it.

Like any other human my insatiable curiosity and love of affection and connection has seen me run foul of those who seek out a way to exploit situations for financial and political gain, a power hunger when so little good is happening in their own lives.

(L) Anne Poelina, (M) Lucy Marshall and (R) Jeannie Wabi

(L) Anne Poelina, (M) Lucy Marshall and (R) Jeannie Wabi

Fortunately my Kooya, my Nyikina Mothers have taught me that anger is little more than an emotion that is largely a waste of energy and Mutti Mutti Elder Tom Winch has taught me that to consider others as children until they reveal themselves as adults means we have to somehow grow others even if they do wrong against us.

As has Aunty Kathy Brown, Andyamanthana Elder from Quorn, South Australia who I had the privilege of speaking at length with on the telephone. Kathy and I befriended each other by SMS and then Facebook regarding the screenings of the 'Protecting Country' film as I travelled up from Adelaide into Kathy's country and towns where she has lived and her ancestors have owned since the beginning of time itself.

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During our conversation Kathy asked me whether under Andyamanthana moitiey if I had been named as past on by Mothers. I indicated that I had travelled through country and met Law men and others who had referred to Kathy as their Aunty.

So, it is an incredible honour and with respect I am informed that Aunty Kathy Brown informed me that under moitiey she can now call me Brother, that these things are not done any more. Kathy also stated that her Grandfather is the last Andyamanthana King of the Andymanathana tribe, Sam Coulthard. 

I am known by the Andyamanthana people as Udnyu which means 'non-Aboriginal'.



This ability to bring people into a kin relationship with the Andyamathana people is by the Mothers of the Andyamantahana peoples. Kathy spoke of her own Father who was non-Aboriginal yet he encouraged his Children to learn their Aboriginal culture.

Aunty Kathy Brown, Andyamanthana Elder

Aunty Kathy Brown, Andyamanthana Elder

So it is that Aunty Kathy Brown is my Yukka - my big Sister.

Sam Coulthard, the last Andyamanthana King is Kathy's Mothers Father. Margaret Brown, Kathy's Mother is now my Ngumi.

In that kin relationship I am also now Noonga, Older Brother to Dean Brown and Kathy's baby Sister, Julienne.

In our conversation we spoke of Witchelina Station where Kathy's brothers and Son's have worked - - "....Witchelina Station is a pastoral lease that has operated as a sheep station and cattle station but is now a nature reserve in South Australia."

What is apparent to me is that there is a greatness that comes with connection, with listening to country.

Country first.

In Nyikina, country is known as Buru.

I am yet to learn my Andyamanthana language and word for country :)