Slap In The Face

On the 9th July 2018 at the request of a Yawuru Descendant man, Nicholas Marley I travelled to Johnny Chi Lane which is a shopping precinct tourist mall in the centre of Broome, Western Australia. In that lane there is a large diorama of scale interpretive model depicting the historical overview of the Broome community.

Nicholas Marley stated that he found the depiction of Aboriginal people in neck chains being led at gun point as being offensive and not true to the full picture of the role of Aboriginal people in the community as domestic servants, as labourers and in many other roles as well as those unfortunate to be led like dogs around in neck chains. Nicholas states in the short film that he wishes for the display to be either pulled down or substantial alterations made to the display.

Nicholas is petitioning the Broome Shire Council to force the proprietor of the arcade to make these substantial variations especially considering it is high tourist season and that it is also NAIDOC Week 2018 'Because of Her We Can'. Both Magali and I believe Nicholas has a valid point and that his story to be listened to and shared too. 


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