Suicide Up Close

Today we have been forwarded a link to an article in the Sydney Criminal Lawyers website which speaks of the atrocities continuing with respect to suicides across Aboriginal communities in Australia.

“…Sharon Hume’s son took his own life last year. The 33-year-old man had dealt with ongoing trauma since he suffered a gunshot wound at the age of 19. He was experiencing long-term unemployment at the time of his death, and his family were struggling financially.

“It has been an option because people are not getting the help they need. People are looking for help and struggling to get it,” Ms Hume said. “There’s not enough services and people are too scared to talk about their problems.”

Ms Hume added that she was lucky as Mr Georgatos stepped in to help her family following the loss of her son. His organisation supported her with counselling, food vouchers, as well as assistance in organising the funeral.

And as for the government, Ms Hume said it needs to recognise that suicide deaths are on the rise amongst First Nations communities. “It has to start putting more funding into these areas and help those people who are working in those areas to provide more services,” she concluded.

The photo features Sharon Hume on the left with Gerry Georgatos by her side. Ms Hume’s sisters, Barbara, Jillian and Rosemary, are also featured, along with independent filmmaker Alex Hayes in the background. - Source: Sydney Criminal Lawyers