On Australian Shores



Ngikalikarra Media is seeking your help as an INVESTOR in the production of the ‘On Australian Shores: Survivor Stories’ documentary film.

Many people across Australia have suffered catastrophic illnesses as a result of working with 2,4-D and 2,4,5-T herbicides. Extensive research conducted by Ngikalikarra Media has identified a need to film and share these stories with the wider public.

Interviews with survivors and their families across Perth, Western Australia highlight the need for Ngikalikarra Media to travel to the Kimberley region in late 2018. With your financial support we will gain additional interviews, location scenes and cutaways to complete a full documentary film of 51 minutes and 50 seconds.

Your investment will be rewarded by featuring your name, company logo in:

  1. Website - ‘On Australian Shores: Survivor Stories’ film series website page/s;

  2. Media - All media and social media announcements, posts or shares;

  3. Documentary Film -  Film trailer ‘Supporters’ slide/s featuring your names / logos;

  4. Significant Events - Documentary film premiere & printed event program.


Download the Investor Prospectus [ PDF 201 KB ]