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Ngikalikarra Media conducted personal interviews with those directly and indirectly affected by the Agriculture Protection Board (APB) herbicide spraying programs across the East Kimberley and West Kimberley region of Western Australia. These personal interviews were also conducted in Perth, Western Australia and surrounding regions as many of those workers and their families need medical attention only available in this city.

Contributions By Ngikalikarra Media

Perth Interviews (10) - Travelling & Recording ( 30 hours )


You can access all the interviews at https://goo.gl/AYmAJ1

Full URL: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLubghhkO4O7i2nSaAOKjXHYRNZYQJJGWL

Ngikalikarra Media and Project Supporters have committed to producing ‘On Australian Shores: Survivor Stories’, a series of short interviews with those who either worked for, volunteered or who were indirectly affected by the legacy of the Agricultural Protection Board (APB) spraying program during the 1970s -1980s across the East Kimberley and West Kimberley.

Media Release

Download the Media Release [ PDF 373 KB ] which contains;

  1. Letter to all Elected Members of the Australian Parliament;

  2. Action Plan;

  3. Press Release;

  4. Investor Prospectus;

  5. Regional Documentary / Episodes.

Radio Interview

Eugene McMahon was interviewed by Sandy Dann at Goolarri Media, Broome, Western Australia regarding the APB ‘On Australia Shores: Survivor Stories’ documentary and project.

14th November 2018 - Download the MP3 [ 18.8 MBs ]

West Kimberley Documentary Screening

Broome, Western Australia

Wednesday, 21st November 2018
Hall 1 - Lotteries House, Cable Beach Road, Broome, Western Australia
Opening 6:30 PM - 9:00 PM - Tea & Coffee provided
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ABC Kimberley Radio ‘Morning Show’ with Vanessa Mills

“.. Eugene McMahon is the Executive Producer and Cultural Advisor for Ngikalikarra Media for the series called "On Australian Shores: Survivor Stories". The APB workers sprayed weeds using a dioxin called 2,4,5-T in the 1970s and 80s without protective equipment.”

20th November 2018 - Access the recording online [ HTML ]


Derby, Western Australia

Friday, 23 November 2018
Civic Centre, Loch Street, Derby, Western Australia
Opening 6:30PM - 9:00 PM - Tea & coffee provided
Numbers Limited - Open Public
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Letter to All Elected MemberS of the Australian Parliament

1st November 2018


RE: On Australia Shores: Survivor Stories Project

We bring to your attention a matter of  both utmost importance and unjustifiable legacy which has not yet been addressed by the Australian Government despite numerous commissioned reports and scientific studies.

Throughout many regions of Australia the Agriculture Protection Board (APB) and other Government agencies employed workers to spray ‘weeds’ with herbicides and defoliants including 2,4-D and 2,4,5-T ( 2,4,5-trichlorophenoxyacetic acid is the chemical which received notoriety after it was extensively used as a defoliant in the Vietnam war). The toxic effect of spraying without correct training nor personal protection equipment (PPE) from 1975 through to late 1985 as per Worksafe guidelines has been catastrophic on workers and their Families.

Our research indicates that these workers fulfilled their duties in conditions that also exposed their families and intergenerational siblings  to these known toxins via their work clothes, vehicles and work equipment. According to Dr. Anne Poelina who also lost a Brother and many Family members over the last forty years, this has been a wilful, systematic and purposefully negligent system with genocidal implications.

This project has been in development since 1979 when Agriculture Protection Board (APB) workers in the Kimberley region of Australia demonstrably exhibited physiological and psychological effects of toxicity due to exposure in their workplace. This matter is considered by those who have been affected directly and indirectly as Australia’s ‘worst kept secret’ and many call for recognition, compensation and closure, especially Lucy Marshall OAM whose Sons remains are still kept in Australian Government medical warehouses against all cultural beliefs.

We hereby place yourself on notice as a duly elected member of the Australian Parliament to address this matter promptly as follows;

  1. Communicate directly with Eugene McMahon, Executive Producer and Cultural Advisor for the ‘On Australian Shores: Survivor Stories’ project;

  2. Schedule a face-to-face or web conference meeting with Eugene McMahon to receive a background briefing on the project.

In all instances please direct your written correspondence as noted in the header. All other verbal correspondence and communications regarding this matter to be directed through Executive Producer & Cultural Advisor, Eugene McMahon.

Yours Sincerely,

Eugene G. McMahon
Executive Producer & Cultural Advisor
On Australia Shores: Survivor Stories Project

Action Plan

Action Plan: APB Survivors

On behalf of the People,

We demand answers.

Questions have already been asked for thirty years from all the Families that have been impacted by the the use of 2,4,5-T and other toxic chemicals as part of the Australian Governments endorsed weed eradication programs in Australia.

The ‘On Australian Shores: Survivor Stories’ Project has provided Families who have lost loved ones with an opportunity to relate their stories on camera, despite their heartache. Their statements and our research, have highlighted the lack of duty of care of the Australian Government and the misleading information the victims were provided with during their time of employment.

Despite successive inquiries, reports and extensive press coverage these Families still have no answers to the questions that have been exhaustively posed to all government authorities, such as the whereabouts and return of human remains still housed in medical warehouses.

Recommendations made in those reports have been ignored and continued inaction from all levels of government still prevails in 2018.

Those Families demand answers, recognition and compensation. The Australian Government needs to own this issue and be accountable for this genocide.

Press Release

‘On Australian Shores: Survivor Stories’

- Personal accounts from those directly and indirectly affected by the Agriculture Protection Board (APB) herbicide spraying programs across the East Kimberley, West Kimberley, Pilbara, Gascoyne & Murchison, and Mid West, Western Australia -

Ngikalikarra Media are producing ‘On Australian Shores: Survivor Stories’, a series of short interviews, episodes, and documentaries from differing Australian regions with people who were directly and indirectly affected by the legacy of the Agricultural Protection Board (APB) spraying program in Western Australia.

Survivors and their Families provide personal stories on camera or audio recounting what they consider is Australia’s ‘worst kept secret’. Participants were/are invited to engage in ‘yarning’ conversation, recounting their knowledge of this largely untold and unheard Australian tragedy.

“...We talk about the Stolen Generation...this was worse than that. That's the only way I can describe it." - Ernest William James Hunter, Nyikina Elder, Derby, Western Australia, October 2018

Note: Due to the distressing content, all short films produced and shared by international social media, online repositories or by hard disk are prefaced by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultural warnings. Direct consent to record, edit and aggregate these stories are retained on film at the point of conversation.


The Ngikalikarra Media Project team interviewed and shared the stories of survivors and Families from each region as ‘episodes’ across social media. Each interview is released as an episode and then as part of that regional documentary. Project supporters Amanda and Peter McCasker as well as Colin, Cain and Dale McCumstie have provided financial and communications support to produce the Kimberley region episode playlist available at https://goo.gl/AYmAJ1